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Reviews from previous guests

In 14 years we have visited Prague 4 times and we were always looking forward to staying here. It is really nice here, cosy and close to major landmarks. We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the amazing accommodation.

Krystýnovi, Bílovice u Uherského Hradiště

I wanted to thank you for the short time we could spend at your hostel during our vacation. We very much enjoyed staying there. Beautiful, clean and accommodating environment and very hospitable approach from all the people taking care of us. If we ever decide to return to Prague, we will gladly return to your hostel.

Pavla Zámečníková, Horní Němčí

Thank you for the wonderful accommodations and to the sisters for the nice company during the evening prayer.

Jarmila Adámková, maminka, babička, Vratimov